Digital Audio Transcription

Connect Design can provide high quality audio transcription services for your organisation. Not to be confused with our transcription and captioning services which converts audio into written format, our digital audio transcription provides a voice recorded accompaniment for text.

Using our recording booth we can record high quality audio versions for a variety of documents such as brochures, books, newsletters, magazines and newspapers. We can also offer synthetic audio which means that an audio file is generated using computer software.

Find out more about the audio transcription we can provide for your organisation.

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Multiple Formats

We can provide your audio files in a variety of formats including audiotapes, digital audio files (such as MP3 and wav files), USB and CDs.


Our experienced staff will happily provide advice on techniques for producing a commentary which is professional and informative.

Audio Description

We can also provide a commentary service describing on-screen or on-stage action, body language and facial expressions.


All audio transcriptions are packaged and labelled with your choice of branding.  We can offer design and artwork services if you would like to match your branding to your audio products.

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