Printed Transcription Services

Connect Design offer a variety of printed transcription services designed to ensure that physical documents are available for everyone. We can take any original copy and create a high quality version in the desired format in-line with UKAAF standards. From the education to hospitality industries and any sector inbetween, we can provide a solution to ensure that your end users have access to the formats that they require.

All of our printed materials are created in-house by our specialist team who ensure that there is no impact on the integrity of the original document.

Read on to find out more about the various services that we provide.

Modified Large Print

Large print is the most commonly used accessible format and involves original materials being reproduced in a larger font.

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Braille is a tactile writing system that allows those with visual impairments to read using their fingers.

Easy Read Materials

Easy read materials make written information easier to understand for those will learning disabilities.

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