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Transcription Services

Connect Design are transcription specialists, with over 25 years of experience in providing accessible formats for the UK’s leading organisations. We offer high quality transcription services such as large print, braille, easy read materials and accessible digital formats to ensure that every day resources and education materials are accessible for all, including those with visual impairments.

We work in multiple sectors and can create our accessible materials from original copy, making our transcription services suitable for any organisation who wants to ensure that their materials can be read by those with specific requirements.

As all of our formats are created in-house by our specialist team, we are able to offer competitive pricing and work with businesses to find a solution which is suitable to them.

Find out more about how we can provide an accessible solution for your organisation.

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Find out more about our printed transcription services including braille, large print and easy read materials.

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Find out more about our digital accessible formats including accessible PDFs, e-books and audio transcription.

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Additional Services

Find out more about the additional services which we offer including transcripts and captioning, modification of education materials, proof-reading, tactile images and diagrams, 3D printing and Sim Specs.

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