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Modification of Educational Materials

Unmodified materials can be a barrier to the learning of students with a visual impairment. At Connect we can provide advice on modifying/adapting materials to meet the needs of VI students. This enables VI students to access the same information as their peers without compromising on the rigour of the skills being assessed.

Modification Advice

We are able to adapt graphs and diagrams, making them user friendly for students with a visual impairment. We can adapt the colours and shading used, change sizes and layouts, provide shapes and models, make 3D diagrams two dimensional and create alt text for an accessible PDF.

Specialist Teachers

Our team of specialist teachers are trained in providing document modification services for students with impairments and learning difficulties.


A network of connect approved modifiers work closely with our in-house team to supply awarding organisations with high quality mark-up and modifications.

This ensures that we maintain the integrity of an assessment while allowing a candidate to access the information.

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