Additional Services

Due to the knowledge and flexibility of our staff, Connect Design offer a variety of additional services, ranging from proofreading to 3D printing.

Read on to find out more or if there is a specific service that you require.

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Transcripts & Captioning

Transcripts help those who are deaf or hard of hearing to access video or audio content.

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Our proofreading services ensure that your company documents are perfect.

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Tactile Images & Diagrams

Tactile images can be perceived by the sense of touch, making them accessible to those with a print or sensory impairment.

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3D Printing

We design and create 3D models using the most up-to-date technology and software.

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Sim Specs

Our Sim Specs replicate a number of conditions such as retinal degeneration, loss of vision and reduced visual acuity

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