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An Easy Way To Improve Teacher Performance

virtual reality classroom

Studies at Yale University have shown that virtual reality training leads to enhanced performance when faced with a real environment. This is why professional training for doctors, military personnel and even astronauts uses simulations to enhance skills and produce better results.

We believe that schools should be able to enjoy the benefits that this innovative technology can offer and our virtual reality training aid, C-Live, allows teachers to take control of their personal development, particularly in areas which aren’t covered by more traditional training.

Read on to find out more about some of the benefits that C-Live can offer the teaching profession.

Classroom Training

Classroom strategy is hailed as one of the most vital skills for a teacher to master if they want to truly succeed within the profession. C-Live’s unique software allows teachers to practise this by interacting with virtual students in real time. The simulation can be paused at any point, allowing teachers to review and improve their classroom techniques with pupils who can’t be negatively affected by mistakes.

Teacher Assessment

C-Live can also be used to assess teacher performance. Head teachers can create specific scenarios that re-create areas where teachers may be struggling. Performance can then be improved through peer coaching and mentoring. Our virtual classroom is also extremely effective for benchmarking as it offers consistent scenarios as opposed to a “real” classroom where pupil behaviour constantly changes.

SEND Training

Statistics have worryingly found that 88% of school teachers believe that initial teacher training doesn’t adequately prepare teachers to support children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). We are SEND specialists and have used our knowledge to create scenarios that will allow teachers to practise pupil interaction, without the fear of acting inappropriately.

Teacher and Parent Conversations

virtual reality adult avatar

Another challenging situation that is often not covered in teacher training is engaging in difficult conversations with parents or even other teachers. Our adult avatars allow challenging situations to be repeated until confidence is built.

If you would like more information about how C-Live can be used in your school then contact us on 01270 449 165 or send us an email. We would be delighted to show you a demo of everything it has to offer.

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