NFC Tags

We have recently installed our NFC tags at Nantwich Museum in Cheshire. The aim was to increase accessibility and interactivity for visitors in a way that wasn’t intrusive.

By adding small NFC tags and QR code labels to several of the exhibits and linking these to online media we feel that it has been very successful. For more information on NFC and what we have done please follow these links:

What is NFC
Nantwich Museum Case study
Nantwich Museum

We have added simple sound effects to some exhibits and spoken dialogue to others. All accessible with a tap of your phone.

If you happen to visit the museum and use the technology please feel free to contact us and give us feedback.

If you feel that this technology could benefit your business, charity or event, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements and work with you to develop an way of implementing it to meet your needs.

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