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Online Tutoring

Introducing connectEd, our online tutoring platform.  All of our tutors follow the National Curriculum and help children to reach their full potential from the comfort of their own home.

Qualified - our tutors are qualified teachers that specialise in the relevant curriculum material, Flexible - your child will learn at their own pace and at times that suit your schedule, Affordable - Our tutoring service is extremely affordable and we even do group sessions, allowing you to share the costs.

        We are currently offering maths and english online tutoring but will soon offer ALL main curriculum subjects!

Our tutoring is suitable for KS2 years 5 and 6.  You can see a list of topics that will be covered below.

How does it work?

Our tutors are accessed via our easy to use online virtual classroom.

All that you will need is a computer, internet connection and a microphone/speaker connected to the computer.

Once you have bought the sessions that you are interested in and created your online account, you can then log in and access the online virtual classroom.



We take your child’s online safety very seriously. Our safeguarding approach helps reassure you that your child is in safe and trustworthy hands. We have strict procedures to monitor and report cases of suspected inappropriate behaviour.


Number and Place Value

This session includes reading, interpreting and comparing numbers, counting forwards and backwards, and solving numeracy problems.

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Addition and Subtraction

This session inclues adding and subtracting numbers mentally, adding and subtracting numbers with more than 4 digits and solving multi-step problems.

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Multiplication and Division

This session includes identifying multiples and factors, prime numbers, multiplying and dividing numbers mentally and using square and cubed numbers.

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Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

This session includes comparing, ordering and identifying fractions, adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions, and working with decimals.

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Converting units of metric measure, calculating the areas of shapes, estimating volume, converting units of time, and solving measurement problems.

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Our online tutors can cover all aspects of the Key Stage 2 English curriculum including spelling, grammar, comprehension and creative writing.

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Each session will last an hour and will cost £25.

24th July-1st September – Introductory offer of £15 per hour for the first 40 customers.

We also offer discounts for multiple sessions, contact us to find out more!

Our standard Terms & Conditions apply.

We’re always here to assist your business

Simply call us on 01270 449 165.

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