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C-Live Education Training

C-Live utilises innovative technology to create an interactive training platform where teachers can master complex interpersonal skills in real time.

Practise. Pause. Perfect.

Scenarios can be paused for feedback or repeated, allowing participants to constantly reflect and improve on their performance.

Why Choose C-Live?

 Studies at Yale University have shown that skills learned through virtual reality training can be transferred for use in a real environment, making C-Live the perfect virtual reality training aid for teachers that allows them to take control of their personal development, particularly in areas not covered by more traditional training.

This can increase teacher confidence and make them feel more prepared for when they are teaching a real class.



[C-Live] is very useful for gaining an authentic classroom experience, especially for someone who has never stood in front of a class before
Sarah, Newly Qualified Teacher


Classroom Scenarios

The classroom environment simulates real pupils with a range of abilities and personalities who respond to the live interaction and
performance of the participant with the class. This creates a safe environment for teachersto practise behaviour management, promote inclusion and develop classroom strategies in real time.


Adult Avatars

Our adult avatar environments lend themselves to teacher and parent conversations, appraisals and interview skills.


SEND Training

Our virtual avatars are controlled by simulation specialists who have undertaken extensive research into the attributes and kinds of behaviours frequently displayed by pupils with SEND, allow teachers to develop their skills without the fear of acting inappropriately.


Bath Spa University Case Study

Connect are working in association with Bath Spa University who are using C-Live as part of their teacher training programmes.



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