UKAAF Promoting Standards for Accessible PDFs

At Connect we are very excited. Today we see the publication of UKAAF’s Minimum Standard for Accessible PDFs for Assessment.This now means that there is a checklist for the production of accessible PDFs for people who have a print impairment.

Our Director, Susan Day, has led the group which have put together the standard. This document will ensure that electronic assessments which meet this standard will work successfully with assistive technology. Students with dyslexia, visual impairment and many other impairments will benefit from high quality electronic assessments as they will be able to work independently and maintain their usual way of working.

This standard is relevant and helpful to all assessment providers from children in primary school to students in post-graduate education.

At V I Resourcing we produce large numbers of interactive accessible PDFs for assessment in national and international examinations. It is important that the nature of the assessment is understood in order to make sure that the integrity of the assessment is upheld. At VIR we make sure that all content is approved by a subject specialist to ensure that the assessment criteria is still met.

We are looking forward to meeting many like-minded professionals at the BETT exhibition in London tomorrow – all working to improve education, encourage inclusion and raise standards for all students.

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