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C-Live FAQs

What will I need for my session?

You will need a laptop or PC with a webcam and speaker so our simulation specialists can see and hear you.

You will also need your scenario cards and confirmation sheet that you will receive with your booking confirmation email.

If you are running a training session for a group of trainees and not just a single person we suggest you use a large screen or interactive whiteboard to project your session on to, so that it will create a more immersive experience.

How long can I book my session for?

The sessions are booked in hour-long slots. You can book as many hours as you wish, but please note they will run for 50 minutes at a time with 10 minute intervals. Your first hour will also include connection time and a tech check with your simulation specialist.

What information do you need from me?

When you book your session you will be asked a number of questions which will help us make your training session as productive as possible. We will also wish to know what level you would like your simulation at (low, Medium A, B or C, or High), how many trainees you have in the session, and for a mobile contact telephone number.

We ask for a mobile number in case we need to contact you for any reason during your session time. Your number will not be used for any reason out of your booked session time.

How do I start my session?

Once you have booked your C-Live session you will be sent confirmation along with log-in details. You just need to follow the instructions given and enter your personal log-in details to begin your session.

What is a tech check and why do we do it?

Your tech will take place at the start of your session. This ensures that you can see and hear our avatars clearly, and that our simulation specialist can see and hear you too.

The tech check must be carried out with no participants in the room and with the facilitator only.

The simulation specialist will run through your session details and give you, the facilitator, the opportunity for any questions before the participants enter the room.

If you are taking part in a solo C-Live session with no facilitator, the simulation specialist will carry out the tech check with you, the participant.

What is my role during the C-Live session and who is who?

If you have booked the session, the chances are you are the facilitator. You are running a session to train your employees, colleagues or students on a particular area of your or their profession.

It is up to the facilitator to lead the session which includes:

Time keeping of the session

Dividing up the time so each participant has an equal chance to take part

Feedback and training

The participant is the trainee taking part in the C-Live session – sessions are usually run with groups from around 4-10 participants, although anyone can book a one person or smaller group session with us.

The simulation specialist will be controlling the avatars and hosting your C-Live session.

C-Live will have a moderator during the entire length of the session to oversee the safeguarding for both the participants and the simulation specialist. It will also be the moderator who may communicate with you if necessary during your session time with the mobile number you will provide.

How can I review my session?

C-Live record every session that takes place and will automatically send it to the email address the booking was made with. We will delete the recording from our records two weeks after the session. You can use the recording to review and evaluate your trainees.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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