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interview skills

I spent a really interesting afternoon recently with a group of young people who are preparing for the world of work by working on interview skills and discussing how ready they really are for the workplace.

It has been a fascinating project working on body language, developing competency based answers to questions and encouraging enthusiasm and insightful questions from the potential candidates.

It always surprises me when people who have never attempted interviews before or have not done so for a long time do not practise the responses to common recruitment questions before arriving at the interview.

I suppose this could be because it’s not a true reflection of the interview situation to sit in the kitchen the night before with your partner or parent practising responses and it is rather embarrassing to sing your own praises!

At connect we have been using C Live to simulate job interviews and give you the opportunity to practise thinking on your feet and make sure that you are giving well thought out responses.

Before you go to your job interview, it’s a good idea to have a few practise runs. Have a look at the video of C Live and see how we can help you to prepare for that all important interview. You will practise in a safe environment that can be tailored to be relevant to any sector.


Did you know….

The number of jobs for new graduates has shrunk by 8% in the space of a year.

Source: BBC News

118 people on average apply for any given job -twenty-percent of those applicants get an interview.

Souce: Forbes

72 % of young people don’t believe they will achieve their career ambitions, whilst nearly a third believe they don’t have the necessary connections to succeed.

Source: Barclays Life Skills

If you would like to see how C Live can help you in your interviews book online or call us on 01270 449 165.

Susan Day is connect’s managing director and is a qualified teacher of the visually impaired. She works on an advisory basis for Local Education Authorities and is a director on the board of UK Association of Accessible Formats.


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